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Hi everyone!

Sorry for the delays in accepting deviations.

But we are back on track now!

Keep them wonderful deviations coming.

Also Kindly note the following:

1.We are looking for contributors, send us your work in a note if you are interested.

2.A contest will be soon up. Stay tuned for updates.


Well, my computer broke. So right now is the last time I have access to a computer that can go on deviantART. It broke maybe... a week ago, so I'm sorry for those who submitted something and had it expire. Please be patient until a staff member can become active.
EDIT: Okay, for some reason I can't vote on deviations going to the 'Lights' folder, the 'Architecture' folder and the 'Autumn Contest' folder, and for some reason deviations to the 'Bokeh' folder are automatically approved. Now, I have no way, at all, of fixing this. Only Nonatwilight does. She, for some reason, isn't responding to my question asking if she could either fix this or raise my rank so I could fix this. I'm sorry for any trouble this has caused you. From now on, just submit light and architecture pictures to 'Photography - Other', don't submit at all to 'Autumn Contest' and please try to submit actual bokeh photography to the 'Bokeh' folder until this gets fixed.
You have no idea how annoying it is to see half of the damn submissions I have to deal with in the wrong folder. Even though it's obvious where it goes. So please, please, please please pleasepleaseplease submit to the correct folder.

Confused on what the folders mean? I'll elaborate for you.

Flora and Fauna: Flora means plants. Fauna means animals. So, therefore, photography where plants and/or animals are the focus go here.
Fauna:……… longliverocknrollvr.deviantart…

People and Portraits: Your picture has people as the main focus? Put it here. Your picture's a portrait? Put it here. A portrait is when the picture focuses on one person.

Love: Don't care if it's straight or gay, towards family, friends or lovers, or even toward a pet or hobby; if some kind of love is the focus of your picture, put it here.

Macro: When you get up close and personal with your subject. Focus is on one, or multiple small objects in one area.

Retro: I'm not sure how to describe it, so look at the pretty examples.

Lights: Not including the sun and moon, anything that gives off light. Lamps, flashlights, street lights, candles, lava lamps, whatever. As long as it's a light.

Bokeh: I'm not really sure how to describe this either, so I'll pull a definition off Google, "In photography, bokeh is the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image, or the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light." Still confused? Look at the pretty examples.
Examples:……… sixbillionbreaths.deviantart.c…

Scapes: Things like landscapes, skyscapes, waterscapes, or any kind of scape I didn't just cover. I'm pretty sure there's some, because I doubt there's only three. But whatever.

Photography - Other: See all the things listed above? If it's not any of those, and it's photography, put it here.

Mediums Other Than Photography: I know you're thinking, "Seriously, you have to elaborate on this?" According to the submissions I get, yes, I do. ANYTHING BUT PHOTOGRAPHY goes here. Like manipulations, traditional, digital and literature.
Literature:…… thediamondintherough.deviantar……

Still confused as to which folder to put yours in? If your picture is that confusing, I have no problem with you noting me about it.

Sometimes, I'll decline a deviation because I think it should go in the Featured folder. You'll know if I think it should be there; I'll have sent a request to have it added.

If you make a small slip up, like putting something that's macro, but doesn't seem like macro, into a different folder, then I'll try to be nice about it. But try your hardest not to be stupid, like thinking a portrait goes in 'Other'.

Failure to submit to the correct folder will automatically get your deviation declined. I will not tell you why it was declined; if you've read this, you'll know. If you haven't read this... keep up with the places you submit to, dude and/or dudette.

Sorry that we were so inactive before and couldn't accept or decline your deviations, but the owner of the group has made it so you only need one vote to be accepted/declined! Now things can actually start getting into our galleries c: If you have contributed pictures before this time, and have not gotten it accepted/declined, please withdraw and resubmit, so it can be dealt with.

Also, we've got a new folder- the architecture folder. Someone has brought up to me that y'all are unable to upload to that folder, and I will try and fix this as soon as I can, if I can.
Hi there~

Here are the winners of "A color contest" held at :iconburstofcolours:

1st Place:
:iconpasov: with Link

2nd Place:
:iconandokadesbois: with Link

3rd Place:
:iconh3llana-mod: with Link

Thank you so much you all! Have a lovely day! :hug:

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